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Mick Reilly is the owner of three game reserves in Mlilawne, hlane and Mkhaya.
It is in the latter that the eco-volunteers stay because it is dedicated to the protection of white and black rhinos.
The purpose of our mission was to help the Rangers everyday. Training for the Rangers lasts several years; Rangers acquire a thorough knowledge of the wildlife of the park.

We patrol on foot in the bush in order to approach the animals without scaring them, even in the most difficult areas to access. Our mission is to protect them, conducting daily patrols in order to identify them, check their health, birth control and deter potential poachers.

It was difficult to film in good conditions without a tripod, but for our safety, we had to be able to move very quickly in case of danger.
The rhino is not aggressive, but he does not hesitate to attack if it feels danger close to her cubs. We were charged by a black rhino and even if the animal attacks on a short distance you have to be very fast to take shelter.

During our daily walks (about 20 km per day) we observed, made a census and monitored the health of rhinos. We also saw the other animals of the reserve such as elephants, hippos, wildebeests, zebras, giraffes...
Our participation in the capture of sixty zebras remains one of the highlights of our trip.
The purpose of the capture is to transfer animals to other reserves in order to reduce overcrowding and the risk of inbreeding. Wildlife unfortunately often requires human intervention to survive in the wilderness which has been reduced by man.
This trip transformed us and we struggled to regain a taste for so-called civilized life.

Reserve's sheet here : pdf