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South Korea

When we ask people about Korea, they think mainly about the conflict with North Korea, or an underdeveloped country. The reality is that Korea is a great country, where traditions rub shoulders with the latest technology. Major groups such as Samsung, LG, Hyundai, Daewoo... are all Korean and ensure economic prosperity. In Seoul, the neon signs, giant screens overlooking the streets, mean that the city never sleeps.
Korean culture is influenced by Confucianism; it is certainly the reason why Koreans are collectivist and always willing to help each other.
Korea is a very clean country, whether it is in large cities (streets, subways, buildings ...) or in the countryside.
The food is refined, varied, healthy, balanced and different from other Asian countries.
The lack of tourist attractions is widely made up by the welcome, culture and food that create a country where one would not hesitate to live indefinitely.